The "know-how" of mushrooms Veshenka includes the conventional technological operations:
  1. Heat treatment of an organic substratum.
  2. Crop of mycelium and shaping of mushroom blocks.
  3. Thermostatic control of mushroom blocks.
  4. Receiving, picking and realization of mushroom skew fields of mushrooms.

The principal essence feature developed, patented and used technology consists of the following:

  • In technology the scraps of coniferous breeds of trees (bark, sawdust, shaving, splinter) i.e. organic substratum most widespread in an average band of Russia are used.
  • The mineral - organic fertilizer "Bioactivator" is applied in technology , which application allows to reduce temperature of processing of a substratum up to +70 C, and time of processing - till 2,5-3,0 hours. "Bioactivator" in 1,5 times accelerates process of a colonization of an organic substratum by mycelium of a mushroom Veshenka.
  • For cultivation of mushrooms is used mycelium, adapted to scraps of coniferous breeds of trees.
  • The cultivation of mushrooms is made for want of of low humidity of an air - 55-60 %.
  • Picking of mushrooms begins in 14-16 days after sowing and the productivity of the first wave of picking on scraps of coniferous breeds of trees makes 8-9 % from weights of the mushroom block. For three waves of picking the productivity exceeds 20 % of weight of the mushroom block.

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