Regional Center "Bionica" is interested in development of mushroom's cultivating and on the certain conditions is ready:

  1. Give the scientific and technical documentation and technical Conditions.
  2. Conclude the licensing agreement on use The patents.
  3. Organize laboratory on production of mycelium.
  4. Organize mushroom production.
  5. Render the consulting help.
  6. Ensure delivery of mycelium and "Bioactivator".

Regional Center "Bionica" is ready to discuss problems on:

  1. "Know-how" and sales mycelium.
  2. Technology of cultivation and sales of mushrooms.
  3. Organization of regional representations.

On all problems of manufacturing-oriented and cultivation of mushrooms "Veshenka", and also business With the offers you can address:

614077, Russia, Perm, B.Gagarina, 105
tel: (3422)48-12-44, tel/fax: (3422)45-08-55

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