The closed joint-stock company Regional Center "Bionica" is created in December, 1992. The main purpose of activity of Center is production and processing of mushroom production.

The primal problems of activity of Center are:

  • Production mycelium of higher mushrooms.
  • Cultivation of mushrooms "Veshenka Ordinary" ( Oyster - Pleurotus Ostreatus).
  • Development of the engineering specifications (technological and technical instructions, description, specifications).
  • Development and perfecting of technology of cultivation of mushrooms Veshenka.
  • Popularization of mushroom's cultivating.

The enterprise is head by Alexander E. Ufimtsev, candidate of medical sciences, senior lecturer.

At the enterprise the next documentation and the standards are developed :

  1. Description of technology of cultivating of mushrooms of a kind Veshenka from 31.05.99.
  2. Technological directions for use of mushrooms Veshenka in the enterprises of public catering.
  3. Feasibility report of the "know-how" of mushrooms Veshenka.
  4. Technical Conditions 2189-004-24110584-98 " Mineral - organic fertilizer " the Bioactivator ".
  5. Technical instruction on production of mineral - organic fertilizer "Bioactivator".
  6. Technical Conditions 9735-001-24110584-96 " Mushrooms Veshenka ordinary fresh ".
  7. Technical Conditions 9167-005-24110584-98 " Mushrooms Veshenka salty ".
  8. Technological instruction on development(manufacture) of salty mushrooms Veshenka.
  9. Technical Conditions 9164-003-24110584-97 " a Mushroom powder from mushrooms Veshenka".
  10. Description of production of mycelium of higher mushrooms.
  11. Technological rules on manufacturing and monitoring of mycelium of higher mushrooms.
  12. Technical Conditions 9736-002-24110584-97 " Grain mycelium of higher mushrooms ".

The "know-how" of mycelium is protected by two patents, and "know-how" of mushrooms - by six patents. Alexander E. Ufimtsev. is having the patents

On all problems of manufacturing-oriented and cultivation of mushrooms "Veshenka", you can address:

614077, Russia, Perm, B.Gagarina, 105
tel: (3422)48-12-44, tel/fax: (3422)45-08-55

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